All kids can be checked in at the kiosk downstairs when they arrive at church. Babies and toddlers can be dropped off in the Nursery and spend their morning there. Kids in preschool and elementary school hang with the adults as we begin our Sunday morning services and are escorted downstairs before teaching time. There they play games, learn scripture, and build the foundation of their faith.

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Loving Children

In Hill Kids, we love children! We recognize that children are a gift from God. Jesus himself said that we must become like children to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18:1-5). Since we value what Jesus said, we think that kids are among the most important people in the world, so we do our best to love them well.

Hill Kids welcomes all children. We love all children despite their background, how they look, what they wear, what abilities they have, or what language they speak. 
We show our love for children by creating a safe and secure environment, where all volunteers and staff who work with children are background checked and trained. We ensure that the classrooms feel warm and cozy and that there are no safety concerns. We want your child to feel comfortable with us, and we want you to feel comfortable with your kids in our care. Please be sure to notify us of any allergies or special needs that your child has, and we'll do our best to meet your child's needs. 
In Hill Kids we know your child is an individual, with a unique personality and individual preferences. We know your child by name, what your child enjoys and any interests talents your child has. We do our best to incorporate what we know about your child into the Bible lessons we teach whenever we can so that your child can better understand how to apply Bible truths after leaving church. 

Making disciples

Disciples are students of Jesus. In Hill Kids we help children learn what Jesus taught, how he prayed, and how he treated others. We teach children what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how to follow Jesus well. 

We introduce children to the Bible, teach them Bible stories and biblical principles, and help learn and apply Bible verses.
Jesus taught his disciples how to pray and modeled prayer for them. In Hill Kids, we do the same, encouraging them to speak to God with confidence.
Service: In Hill Kids, we want children to know that it's important to serve others just as Jesus served us.
In Hill Kids, we want children to know that it's important to serve others just as Jesus served us.
While it's important to know what Jesus said and did, we want to give children the chance to make choices that Jesus would make. In Hill Kids, we ask relevant questions and even role play with children to equip them to act like disciples of Jesus at home, at school, and at extracurricular activities.