Loving Our Neighbor. Making Disciples of All Nations.

Thanks for stopping in at the Outreach Page! Let’s get right to the point: How comfortable are you talking about Jesus with non-believers? How active are you in reaching out to others in service and kindness in God’s strength and love - and for His purposes?
Whether you are a missionary in the 10/40 window (click here to learn about this) or living here in the Midwest, sharing our faith in Jesus Christ in word and deed MUST be a part of our daily rhythm and lifestyle.

WHY? We want more humans in God’s family worshipping our King Jesus! We also want all of humanity to hear the declaration of the gospel (the good news of Jesus). The gospel brings reconciliation, healing, justification, freedom, hope, peace, love (this list can go on for a while). We can ALL agree the entire world needs these effects of the Gospel in mass doses!!
In the world today there are over 7,000 unreached people groups. That is over 7,000 people groups that have no ACCESS to the gospel!

Click here to watch this two minute video regarding the unreached. Click here for great resources that will give you free, immediate access to un-reached people groups for whom you can pray each day.
If you would like to get involved or have questions, please
contact Bobi Throneburg: outreach@hillchurchfamily.org

Here are ways to get involved with the Outreach efforts at Hill both locally and globally and in an evangelism and relief context:


Dr. Pendergrass led the study, Why I Know Christianity is True, to cover foundational, rational and emotional reasons to believe in Christianity. Once we understand the solid grounds for believing in Christianity, it increases our confidence to share the gospel. The handout for the study can be downloaded here. Click here to see a previous iteration of the study, and here to learn more of Dr. Pendergrass.
Baggin' the Basics events are held a couple times a year to distribute toiletry and household items to families in need.  We collect/purchase several of these items and distribute them freely on the day of our event. We also have a light lunch so we can be available to chat with families and learn about more needs in the community and ways to pray.
Safe Families for Children
Hill partners with Safe Families so we can help children in crisis in our local context. Hosting children for a short amount of time (typically 2-14 days) can provide needed respite for struggling families. This brief period of community support can prevent children from going into the foster care system and help parents get back on their feet.


In regards to global outreach, Hill Church stewards most of their resources, time, and energy on evangelism and church planting among unreached people groups. Click here to watch this two minute video to learn more about these precious people and the work to bring them the Gospel.
We support six outreach families that live amongst unreached people groups. To get connected by receiving their newsletters or give to them personally, contact Bobi at outreach@hillchurchfamily.org.
Most often we find ourselves headed to Haiti because we have a sweet relationship with a group of believers in Montrouis, Haiti, Canaan Christian Community. On their compound is an orphanage, clinic, nutrition project, school, and church. They have a beautiful ministry in Haiti that we are grateful to be a part of. As trips are planned, we will update this page with the relevant information.

In addition to trips to their Community, you can sponsor a child and supply Christmas gifts each year: backpack, outfit, personal item and card or letter from sponsor. (Adult workers will receive a card and $20.) To find out more about this Christmas Project, email Lacey Landwehr at laceylandwehr@gmail.com.  


  • Do you listen to others to learn their story before telling them about your faith?
  • In recent years, have you influenced multiple people to consider following Christ?
  • Do you regularly choose to have meals with people with different faith or morals from you?
  • Do you try to discover the needs of non-Christians rather than waiting for them to come to you?
  • Do you spend time with non-believers to help them follow Jesus?