Passion Week


Day 5 is the final day Jesus spends with his disciples before he is arrested.  Many important things happened on this day, which you will read about. It begins with Jesus washing his disciples feet (John 13). Jesus could have arranged there to be people who would serve them and perform this task. Instead he chose to humble himself and serve these men in this way, setting an example to them for what unconditional love looks like. He tells them to love each other in the same way. It's an incredible act of love, knowing that one will betray him and one will deny him. As you read today, I pray you would experience the true love and grace that Jesus has for you.
Choose one or more of the Gospels below to read through Day 5 of Passion week. Highlight verses that stand out to you. What can you learn about Jesus through this story? What can you learn about people? What can you apply to your life based on what you read?
Matthew 26:17-75 
Mark 14:12-72
Luke 22:7-62
John 13-17:26

Prayer focus

If you didn't read through John's account, spend some time reading through Jesus' prayer in John 17.  
  • In your prayer time, pray about the things that stood out to you as you read through this story. What's God saying to you today?
  • Follow the model of Jesus in his John 17 prayer.  Share with God some things going on in your life. How can your life bring glory to God?  Jesus then prayed for his friends, his disciples. Who can you pray for today that is also on mission for Jesus? Your church, your Elders, your Pastors, your small group. Jesus also prayed for those would come to believe and for their unity. Pray that the Gospel would continue to move towards hearts who do not yet know the truth.
If you've never committed your life to Christ and you would like to talk more about that, click below to request to talk to someone about this important decision!