Passion Week


Day 3 of Passion week is full of teachings and parables from Jesus, preparing his followers for what was to come. Jesus was experiencing direct challenge from religious leaders, probably as a result of the very public cleansing of the temple where Jesus established himself as a spiritual authority. After evading their attempts to trip him up, Jesus and his disciples settled on the Mount of Olives where he continued teaching about the end times.
Choose one or more of the Gospels below to read through the third day of Passion week. Highlight verses that stand out to you. What can you learn about Jesus through this story? What can you learn about people? What can you apply to your life based on what you read?
Matthew 21:18-26:5 
Mark 11:20-13:37
Luke 20:1-21:36
John 12:20-38

Prayer focus

It was here that he mentions for the first time that the Son of Man will be handed over to be crucified. Much of his teaching this day was to prepare his followers for what was to come, and how they were to live during these uncertain times. Many parables he taught this day showed the importance of being ready for him to return "because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him".  To be "ready" doesn't mean passively waiting around for him to return. Rather, we are to be intentional with what God gives us, and use our resources to work profitably for the Kingdom. 
  • In your prayer time, pray about the things that stood out to you as you read through this story. What's God saying to you today?
  • Are you ready for Jesus' return? Are you using your gifts, talents, abilities, resources to better prepare you and those around you for Jesus' return? Ask God to help you recognize where He is working around you.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you see opportunities to use your gifts.  
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