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Rooted is for everyone

Whether you are new to the faith, new to small groups, have been a Christian for decades...if you haven't gone through Rooted, we strongly encourage you to sign up for our next session which will begin September 2024!

Rooted is a 10 week small group experience that is designed to help you build (or rebuild) 7 rhythms of discipleship into your life.

What are the 7 rhythms of rooted?

Each week is designed to touch on each of these rhythms, to help you build them back into your life. After you register, you will receive a book at our Kickoff Lunch. In this book will be 5 days of reading and journaling for each week, 20-30min a day (although you might find yourself spending longer some days because you want to). Once a week you will meet with your group to discuss the previous week's topic. Occasionally there will be a special experience you will do with your group, like a prayer experience and serving experience.

As Christians, sometimes we allow a pretty big divide to wedge between what we know and what we do. Sometimes we need an interruption to get our attention and remind us of our need to pursue God every day, to allow him to transform us into the people he's designed us to be. 10 weeks is a big commitment, but it might just be the interruption you need to help you build these rhythms back into your life.

Sign ups for September's rooted:
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